I'm Thomas Toye

Back-end & full-stack web freelancer

About me

Thomas Toye

Back-end & full-stack web developer from Belgium

I am a generalist freelancer specialising in back-end web development. I have a wide range of skills, ranging from functional programming to front-end web development.

I mostly work with Scala, Play Framework, Angular, TypeScript, CouchDB and PostgresQL, but I'm open to other stacks as well.

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Selected Technologies

I have a broad expertise, but these are the technologies and skills I work with most often.


Type-safe, functional programming language for the JVM

Play Framework

High velocity web framework


Scalable non-relational database


Mostly experienced with Debian-based distributions


Angular 2+ and TypeScript


Relational database


Server-side JavaScript runtime


Friendly high-level programming language

Leadership and soft skills

More than 8 years experience in leadership positions in various non-profits

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Please feel free if you would like to have a chat.

Contact details

Paanderstraat 76, 8791 Beveren-Leie

VAT: BE0681948107

IBAN: BE18 7360 4262 1965

Company #: 0681.948.107

+324 78 78 60 81



The best way to contact me? Shoot an email!

Languages: Dutch, English.